• Welcome to the research group of Professor Desheng Kong at Nanjing University

    Kong research group is at Gulou Campus of Nanjing University. The group focuses on developing new classes of electronic materials as the enabler for stretchable and biodegradable electronic devices and systems. The research is interdisciplinary in nature with broad range applications in cutting-edge areas, such as prosthetics, robotics, and biomedical instrumentations. We welcome motivated undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs to join our group!

    Our research activities are supported by the shared facilities at College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Life Science, and National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures. Our lab space is located at Xianlin Campus, Nanjing University.

  • Overview

    The Kong research group currently have three major research directions, including stretchable electronics, biodegradable electronics, and additive manufacturing. Stretchable electronic devices exhibit compliant mechanical properties with broad range applications in robotics, prosthetics, biomedical instrumentations, and bio-inspired device designs. Biodegrade devices gradually break apart beyond its service life, which may find uses in medical implants and environmental friendly electronics. Additive manufacturing, commonly terms as 3D printing, is an attractive approach of manufacturing functional structures and devices.


    The research in our group is highly interdisciplinary with students from material science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and etc. We work with a variety of material systems from inorganics, polymers to composites. We have been constantly developing new material processing and device fabrication techniques. Our group is primarily an experimental group. The computational simulations and optimizations, however, are also vital part of the research to provide additional insights and design considerations.